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The BOUALVARD Facility Management platform has been designed to meet corporate clients’ demand for high levels of facility asset and services utilization, optimum cost savings and measurable employee satisfaction. Our strategy incorporates a carefully crafted program of financial planning, ongoing operations management and project management. With an overall approach of total quality management, our clients achieve efficiency, cost savings and the highest levels of client satisfaction with our customized service offerings.

The BOUALVARD approach contains the basic principles of facilities maintenance, optimum asset utilization and efficient service delivery. We consult with our clients to gain a detailed understanding of their unique requirements so that the facility management programs we develop fulfill both short and long-term objectives. With a single point of accountability, your BOUALVARD account executive works with professionals, assuring that each assignment is completed with the quality you have come to expect from our firm.
From day one, the BOUALVARD team will be laser focused on delivering superior service, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best.

∙ Air Conditioning Systems
∙ Plumbing Systems
∙ Fire and Life Safety Systems
∙ Vertical Transport Systems
∙ Electrical Power Systems
∙ UPS Systems
∙ Lighting Systems
∙ Building Management Systems
∙ Lighting Protection Systems
∙ Security and CCTV Systems
∙ Access Control Systems
∙ Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

∙ Consultancy & Project Management
∙ Training for Emergency Cases

∙ 24/7 Help Desk
∙ Sanitizing
∙ Cleaning
∙ Security
∙ Waste Management
∙ Concierge
∙ Landscaping
∙ Asset Health Check

 ∙ HSE Audits and Site Safety Surveys
∙ Production of HSE Manuals, Policies and Procedures
∙ Staff Training
∙ Use of Health & Safety Permits and Establishment of Procedures
∙ Risk Evaluations, Mitigation Studies and Reports
∙ Risk Management Plans and Procedures

∙ Deal directly with prospects and tenants
∙ Saving you time and worry over marketing your rentals, collecting rent
∙ Handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints,
and even pursuing evictions
∙ Managing your utility services and payments

we are specialized in high-quality cleaning services to deliver cleanest work environment cleaning, sterilization and disinfection services for the whole facility with the most talented and dedicated employees.

Scope of work

Sterilization and disinfection services will be provided for the whole facility and its surroundings.

A service will be provided on the highest quality and safety standards according to the following steps:

  1. All surfaces and floors will be cleaned using certified materials which its proven effectiveness on microbial and virus control including the new COVID 19.( Diversy Manufacture USA)
  2. All surfaces and floor will be sprayed and moped with environment-friendly material and trusted to control and new coronavirus.( Diversy Manufacture USA)
  3. Each room will be cleaned must remain empty and forbidden to enter for 2 hours from the sterilization time.
  4. Sterilization by fumigation using certified materials. (Diversy Manufacture USA)
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