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we are specialized in high-quality cleaning services to deliver cleanest work environment cleaning, sterilization and disinfection services for the whole facility with the most talented and dedicated employees.

Sanitization and disinfection services will be provided for the whole facility and its surroundings.

A service will be provided on the highest quality and safety standards according to the following steps:

  1. All surfaces and floors will be cleaned using certified materials which its proven effectiveness on microbial and virus control including the new COVID 19.( Diversy Manufacture USA)
  2. All surfaces and floor will be sprayed and moped with environment friendly material and trusted to control and new Coronavirus.( Diversy Manufacture USA)
  3. Each room will be cleaned must remain empty and forbidden to enter for 2 hours from the sterilization time.
  4. Sanitization by fumigation using certified materials. (Diversy Manufacture USA)
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